Ceramic Water Filtration System

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The Drops of Balance Ceramic Water Filtration System is one of the most efficient and practical water filtration systems on the market.

One stage of ceramic with an absolute pore size of 0.2. Four stages of activated carbon, zeolites, silica sand, and ion exchange resin are highly effective in the removal of bad odors, tastes, and other compounds.

The Drops of Balance Ceramic Water Filtration System sets up easily and provides an unlimited supply of clean, odorless, great-tasting drinking water.


  • Combines with DropsofBalance® to reduce over 250 contaminants including pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, agricultural chemicals, heavy metals, industrial chemicals, disinfectants, disinfection byproducts, and microorganisms to a concentration less than or equal to NSF/EPA permissible standards.
  • Convenient to use. Just fill the top tank with water and let it filter through.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long-lasting filters. Replacements last 6 – 12 months.
  • Retains natural minerals for healthier, better-tasting water.
  • Gravity-fed filtration – the same process that occurs in nature.
  • Eco-friendly & cost-effective. Eliminates the money and environmental costs of buying bottled water.
  • Does not require electricity.
  • Portable & compact. Breaks down to fit in a 12L x 12W x 11H (in) box.

Replacement Filters:


  • Filtration Method – Gravity-fed
  • Filter Media – Micro Ceramic, Activated Carbon, Zeolites, Silica Sand, and Ion Exchange Resin
  • Capacity – Top Tank holds 1.3 gallons (5L) / Bottom Tank holds 2.6 gallons (10L)
  • Dimensions – Fully assembled 13B x 23H (in) / Assembled without base 11B x 18H (in)
  • Material – Food grade HDPE #2 BPA-free plastic
  • Weight – 9 lbs.

Ceramic Water Filtration Guide