Key Points to Remember

Clean water is were life begins. Don't just give your plants great water; I recommend you pour yourself a glass as well.

Clean Water Inexpensively

Make Your Tap Water Usable for plants & people

Create Healthy Soil

Microbes will thrive with a chemical free area

Adds Trace Minerals

Sulfated Minerals are the natural minerals earth creates for us

Balanced Diet for Plants

Water soluble minerals is the only form plants can take up

What Our Customers Say

"The product is great and I feel healthier knowing my water is cleaned with minerals from our Earth. I like the 2 oz. because I know I can get clean water anywhere and is easy to travel with."

Sarah Reyes

"WOW! Drop of Balance is amazing. I was doubtful about this product at first but gave it a try. I'm so glad I did. If you want to be healthy and have more energy don't hesitate to try it. My water never tasted better. The water looks so clear, I have more energy throughout the day, and I feel better too."

Brian Seval

"The water tastes so fresh. And its awesome to know your drinking something healthy for you!"

Cherie Violini

Professionally Tested & Approved

EPA-Certified Tests Show The Efficacy In Reducing Toxic Substances In Your Coffee By Using Our Drops Of Balance Solution in your Water